Hunt Report
We seem to be blessed with the nicest couples this year! Again
from Portland we are so happy to welcome Dan and his lovely
wife ......Linda " "!
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Dan & Linda
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First time African hunters who both hunt and enjoy the ourdoors!
They each got some lovely trophies ... here is Dans Impala Ram
Linda took this beautiful Blesbok Ram.
Dans very interesting and much sought after Warthog!
Just look at that face! (the Warthogs of course...)
Dan took this majestic Kudu Bull with a great shot.
With an early morning start Dan finally took this stunning Gemsbok after a
hard days working for it!
Truly every African Trophy hunters dream!
Well done Dan on an awesome trophy!
Some of my very favourite game meat - THANKS DAN!!
Thanks guys for a great hunt! See the slide show below or our Kruger National Park trip! Stunning!!