Hunt Report
Welcome 2018! and with it this fun-filled group! Long time friends and hunting
buddies Larry and Mike brought their wives to enjoy their very first African hunt!
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Larry & Peggy with Mike & Debbie
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First on the list was the beautiful Sable antilope, with each
hunter harvesting a beautiful specimen!
As you can see this fun bunch wasted no time
and got down to hunting!
Taking some really impressive trophies
between them!
Here is the beautiful Blue Wildebeest Larry took.
Here are some more of their beautiful trophies!
What a great hunt with a fabulous set of human beings!
Thanks guys ! It was so much fun! And such a great way
to start the year!
Hey All! I's been a crazy busy season for us - I will be posting hunt report photos now that I have some
time to but I will be up-dateing the reports only once all the photos are posted, thank you for your patience!
Watch this space for a photo slide show of a stunning
Kruger Park Trip!