We have compiled a short
list of recommended items
to pack as a guideline to
help you plan your safari.
Travel Documents
& Insurance
Custom clearance is done at your port of entry
into South Africa.  A valid passport is all you
need as no visas are necessary.  As is
customary, insurance should be arranged prior
to your departure from home.
Mornings and evenings can be chilly
and we recommend you pack
accordingly.  Clothing should be a
natural color and comfortable.  As a  
daily laundry service is provided, it is
recommended that you travel light.

Footwear is Essential and should be
well-worn and comfortable.
Based in a malaria free area, no medication is needed.
No additional medical precautions are necessary
because of our healthy environment .

We need to be informed of any medical conditions
any member of your party may have.
Recommended Packing List
4 shirts (2 long sleeve/2 short sleeve)

2 Pairs of long pants
2 Pairs of shorts
or 3 Pairs if zip downs

A warm jacket and sweater

Shaving & cosmetic kit

Comfortable well-worn walking shoes

Woolen socks


Any medical prescriptions you
may be taking.

(8x30 to 10x40 is recommended)

Camera with flash and plenty of film


Sun protection
(preferably SPF 15 or higher)

Firearms & Ammo.
(60 rounds is recommended)